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How to Sell Guide

Everything you need to know
about selling on Grailed

Taking Good Photos

Clear, well-lit photos are key to showing off your listing and building
trust with buyers. Polished photos stand out in the feed and increase
the chance of making a quick sale. Here are some tips to keep in mind:


Natural light, simple background, shot on a flat surface


Fuzzy lighting, distracting background, use of hands

All The Angles



Use Natural Light

Find a space in indirect sunlight, next to or near a window. Avoid shooting in a dark room or after sundown when your room is artificially lit. This will keep your photos bright and crisp.

Simple Backgrounds Are Best

Try hanging your item on a nail against a solid wall or using a clean floor or tabletop. Keeping the background simple will keep all the focus on your item.

Show the Details

Show off all of the details that make your item special, like the fabric, silhouette or tailoring details. Make sure to include photos of the collar tag and wash tag, too.

Add Fit Pics

Showcase the fit of your item by adding photos of you or a friend wearing the piece. Want to keep things anonymous? Crop the photo from the neck down to focus the image on how you styled the item.

How to Describe

Fill in information about the item you’re selling. Once you’ve
gathered all the details, scroll to copy and paste our template
below directly into your listing.

· Add a designer. You can add up to 3 designers for collaboration items.

· Add the size. Use the Measurements field to get specific.

· Add an item name. Try to use the original name of the item (e.g. Black
Metallic Jordan 5 2001).

· Add a description. Include the retail price, condition and your shipping policy.

Description Template

Description: [Insert Description]

What you'd like to say about the item...

Color: [Insert item colors]

(e.g., Red / Black / Navy)

Size: [Insert the size shown on label]

(e.g., Medium, but fits like Large)

Measurements: [Insert measurements]

(e.g., Lenght, width, sleeve, waist, etc)

Condition: [Insert a rating with additional comments]

(e.g., 9/10 with a stain, etc)

Retail Price: [Insert item price you paid for this item]

(e.g., Originally paid $500)

Shipping: [Insert your shipping policy]

(e.g., Next day with tracking)

How to Price Your Items

Pricing well from the start is the best way to ensure your listing sells. Searching through the sold listings
feed will provide you with the best information on what buyers are willing to pay. Don't always use retail
pricing as your benchmark. This is often a poor indicator of resale value. Depending on the item, your item
may be worth 3x more, or only 20% of retail value.

Rick Owens Ramones
Example price $1100
Rick Owens Ramones
Example price $950
Rick Owens Ramones
Example price $1250

If you're not sure how to price your item, look for similar listings on Grailed
or click the "Price Comparison" button shown on a listing page.

So your listing sold. Now what?

Congrats! The first step is packaging your items. Order packing materials
ahead of time to cut down on shipping time. The next step is sending the item to the buyer.
Do you need to leave your house? Nope. Can you ship on time without leaving your house?
Absolutely. Here’s how.


Depending on where you’re located, there are a few ways to ship your newly sold listings:

US-Based Sellers

Grailed Labels is a super easy and cost-effective method for shipping within the US (50 states and Puerto Rico). Save some time and headache by using our USPS label service to get your packages where they need to be.
All you need to do is input your return address into your address book via the Settings page. Or you can add the address when creating a listing. Then simply select your desired return address during the listing creation process to confirm your listing’s eligibility.

International & Other Shipping Options

First, select a carrier. When it comes to the fees, your national/local courier is going to offer the cheapest (and often the easiest) shipping fulfillment services –-in the U.S., that’s the USPS.

If you're in the US, Canada, or UK, save money and time by printing your label at home directly through PayPal (it's super easy). No printer? No problem. Your post office can create a label for you.

For more detailed tips on shipping, check out our Help Center.

Getting Paid

You’ve made a sale––when do you get paid? Grailed will release the funds to your bank or PayPal account within 3 days of when the item is shown as delivered (barring certain circumstances, like if the buyer reports an issue).

We’ll send you reminders in-app on your Messages and Sold pages to upload tracking. The faster you ship, the faster you could get paid.

If you have any questions on the status of your payment and it has been 3 days since the item was delivered, please reach out to our support team.

Tips & Tricks

Price Drops

Any price drop of 10% or greater will push your listing to the top of the feed and notify all users who have favorited that listing of the new price.

Listing Tags

Tags help surface your listing to people who are searching for what you’re selling. Good tags include styles, eras, materials, seasons, trends - i.e. #mohair #archive #fw18 #DIY


Every 7 days, sellers have the option to “bump” their listing to the top of the feed to increase visibility. After a month, you’ll need to drop the price by at least 10% for your listing to move to the top.

Seller Offers

Buyers and sellers can offer and counter-offer in order to negotiate a deal. Seller initiated offers allow sellers to reach out to the last 100 buyers who have favorited their listing with an exclusive offer.

Smart Pricing

When selected during listing creation, we’ll automatically price drop your listings by 10% at the best time every week until it hits your pre-set floor price.

Vacation Mode

When enabled, buyers will see that your profile and your listings are on Vacation Mode and be notified that their purchase will not be shipped until you return. You can continue to message with buyers and use the site as usual.

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